Mr. Andri Testimony

I am a type 2 diabetes mellitus, first diagnosed by a doctor in the mid 2001. At that time, my weight dropped drastically, the first blood sugar level was checked at 350mg / dl. The doctor said I should change my diet if I still want to live long. I also started taking medication regularly to control my blood sugar levels. High-calorie foods have also been a taboo for me. And my body is also becoming more vulnerable to infections and disorders of internal diseases.

3 years running I was diagnosed with an infection in the lung, this is due to the diabetes and I was a smoker then. Treatment was done, but this diabetes became an obstacle that prolonged my healing process. By 2015, after 14 years of taking diabetes medications, I heard from one of my friends that olive oil can help people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (in this case insulin resistance). From there I searched the modern olive oil store outlets.

The first time I consumed a fairly well-known brand in the Indonesian market. The first experience using olive oil, I was informed to use olive oil as a mixture for salad. And don’t use it to cook, but because I rarely eat salad then I just drink the olive oil. It felt strange, that was the first thing that I felt.

But over time I began to get used to the taste of olive oil. Changes do happen to me, ranging from my sugar levels are more controlled and my immune system also improved. My sugar level was stabilizing at 130 – 150mg / dl.

My sugar medicine consumption started to lower the dosage. And I regularly consume olive oil every day in the morning and evening. In 2016, I got another information about one brand of olive oil from my friend.

They say this olive oil is better than what I used to consume, and they are imported directly from Greece, which is a field of the olive tree itself. Felea Olive Oil is their brand, I then find out more about this brand. And I decided to buy one for the experiment. The first time I think of this olive oil is its true taste different from the brands that I previously tried, the thickness of olive oil is different.

Felea feels very light almost like water. Then from a different aroma, olive scent is also more fresh. After a week or so consuming Felea, I feel a lot fresher. Sugar levels do not change drastically, but my body felt better, usually I often had recurrence sinus in the morning but now it’s rarely happened.

Until now I still consume Felea to keep my blood sugar level normal and my health prime, and the impact is very positive.

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