What do you need to know about the goodness of Olives from Felea


The superiority of olive products from Feleagoods

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic because they do not use pesticides and other chemicals in the process of planting and equipped with organic certificates from Greece & Organic test institutions in Indonesia which recognized for their competence. Extra Virgin because it is the result of the first extraction of the olive fruit without going through the process of distillation in the slightest, only Extra Virgin olive oil that can be consumed directly (drunk).

Expiration period relatively fast

Expiration period is only 18 months. This is because the Extra Virgin Olive oil rely solely on natural antioxidant substances that are innate from the olives of pholifenol & chlorophyl.

Transparent Glass Bottle Packaging
Felea Botol Kaca Transparan This is intended so that consumers can see the authenticity of the color and the texture of Felea, also reduce the contamination of packaging materials (chemicals) on the packaging of cans, plastics, and dyes in the packaging.
ISO 22000 Certification

Standardized by ISO 22000 certification which is a food safety standard recognized worldwide. Organic certified by organic institutions in Greece (IRIS) and recognized organic institutions in Indonesia (INOFICE).

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High Level of Anti Oxidant

Having a bitter taste and spicy when consuming it, this is a proof that the content of Polyphenol (anti oxidant) is high.

Exclusive Quality of Packaging

Felea BoxAn elegant and exclusive outer box to maintain the quality of feleagoods.

Low Acidity Level

It has a very low acidity level of only 0.3% (the highest acidity level is 0.8%).

Exclusive Price

The weakness that is also the advantage of Feleagoods is its expensive price. Because it is produced by a natural process, it is obtained from selected Olive fruits and grown by local Greek farmers who highly value the health and culture of Greece who believe that consuming olive oil is very useful for health and daily food. Proven with long life owned by people on the island of Crete, Greece.

Retail Price

Organic 250 ML

Organic 250 ML

IDR 200.000


Retail Price

Organic 500 ML

Organic 500 ML

IDR 375.000


Retail Price

Finest Olive Oil

Finest Olive Oil

IDR 550.000


Consumer Testimonial

I am a type 2 diabetes mellitus, first diagnosed by a doctor in the mid 2001. At that time, my weight dropped drastically, the first blood sugar level was checked at 350mg / dl. The doctor said I should change my diet if I still want to live long. I also started taking medication regularly to control my blood sugar levels. High-calorie foods have also been a taboo for me. And my body is also becoming more vulnerable to infections and disorders of internal diseases. Read more...

Mr. Andri

My hair has not fallen out after wearing Felea. My face is smoother without using mask and others, just an ordinary powder. My skin feels moist. When I check my blood pressure, all normal. It used to be a high level cholesterol, but now it's all normal. My gum often bleed, now it's fine after drinking felea. The sore knee is gone and I never had headache anymore.

Testimonial_Ibu Rebecca

Mrs. Rebecca

52 y.o.